What sort of innovations with Ubbeo?

It is your Ubbeo software that adapts to your mode of operation and not the other way around!

Ubbeo becomes the only tool for managing and distributing your procedures.

Each company has its own organization. This contributes to its competitiveness. Ubbeo innovates with Q-Flexx technology to offer all organizations a full flexibility on how they use their application. Using Q-Flexx, you will be able select the order of operations, the specific instructions to be sent to inspectors, and you can choose your additional check to record in the inspection process.

In a few clicks, the manager customizes his procedure from an existing base of model procedures. It therefore manages revisions and distribution to inspectors.

Securing the user and the data electronic managment are the keystone of the trust chain

The Grizzlee technology secures the identity management of the people involved in the Ubbeo inspection platform and enables documents to be validated electronically.

By strengthening the protection and automated archiving of data on its platform, Grizzlee transforms Ubbeo into a wonderfull collaborative tool. This collaboration extends to all of your staff, from all your sites and beyond as it goes to your customers with a personalized portal, allowing them to retrieve the information you leave at their disposal during your inspections. Grizzlee improves your eco-responsible approach by reducing paper printing and avoiding documents and staff moving between sites.

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